Nigeria: 9 Christians killed, 3 others injured in ambush on their way back from market

On the night of November 7, 9 Christians were killed and 3 others seriously injured in an attack by suspected Fulani shepherds in Plateau State in central Nigeria.

AIn Nigeria, the Fulani shepherds are once again attacking Christians. According to the testimony of Maria joseph, a resident of the village, 12 Christians were ambushed and riddled with bullets near Gako village as they returned from the weekly market.

7 people died instantly, 2 died in hospital and 3 others left with serious injuries. The 9 victims were buried in a common grave on November 10 in the village of Kidney. Among them, some are members of the Church of Christ (COCIN) and the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA).

According to Maria, the alleged attackers were Fulani shepherds and soldiers. The latter then allegedly fled in a car.

Army spokesman Umar Adam said an investigation is underway to clarify the matter. Istifanus Gyang, member of parliament in Nigeria's national assembly, called the attackers "bloodthirsty murderers and terror militias" with the aim of eradicating Christian communities in order to take possession of their lands.

Indeed, this is not the first time that Fulani shepherds have attacked Christians. In 2012 :, at least 50 Christians had been burned alive by Muslim-majority Fulani shepherds. In 2016 :, shepherds had massacred the inhabitants of a predominantly Christian community. More recently, the 24 October, a Christian and her two children were murdered in cold blood by members of the same group.


source: The Christian Times

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