New scientific arguments for faith? The eighth day of the CSR network

This will be the theme of the eighth annual day of the Evangelical Scientists Network (RSE). This event organized by university Bible groups will be held on January 16 in Paris and will bring together students, scientists, but also amateurs passionate about the dialogue between science and faith.

CContrary to certain a priori, science and philosophy have not buried God. This is what the physicist Sylvain BRÉCHET, professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, will defend by addressing the topic of fine adjustment: This meticulous adjustment of the constants of physics allowing life in our universe, is it the result of chance or the work of a creator God?

It is also with the rigor of analytical reasoning that the philosopher Alexis MASSON will approach the different variations of the cosmological argument: The beginning of our universe does not imply an external cause, immaterial, timeless and extremely powerful, in short… God? Does not its contingency imply a necessary Being? Alexis Masson will notably review the recent works of the philosophers Craig and Swinburne who have brought back to the fore these arguments in favor of the existence of God.

Neurosciences will also be in the spotlight with the presence of Emily BURDETT, researcher at the School of Psychology and Neurosciences at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. The data provided by neuroscience is fascinating and questions us! It will address the question of our cognitive functioning and religious belief: Does human cognition predispose us to believe in God?

Note also the presence of Roger POUIVET, professor of philosophy at the University of Lorraine. He will present the work of the American philosopher Alvin PLATINGA on the inconsistencies of a naturalist interpretation of science. The theologian Jacques BUCHHOLD and Micaël RAZZANO will be responsible for leading the reflection on the possible articulations between science and faith.

The defense of the Christian faith through apologetics is relatively unknown in French evangelical circles. The French tradition having a high esteem for reason, this tool of evangelization seems more than necessary for our generation. This event is an opportunity to promote it and to deconstruct the a priori which unjustly oppose science and faith.

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Joel montbrun

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