New hearing postponement for Luka Binniyat, journalist defending persecuted Christians in Nigeria

Nigerian Christian journalist and advocate Luka Binniyat has been in detention since November.

Luka Binniyat, a journalist and advocate for Nigerian Christians, was detained last November after writing an article in which he denounced the persecution of christians in nigeria, especially during madamai massacre and deplored the failure of the government to make any arrests.

Last December, his hearing of bail could not take place because the judge did not show up. While his trial was to begin on Monday, the judge again did not appear at the hearing. The latter would have missed his flight to Kaduna.

It is therefore a new postponement that Luka Binniyat must face, even though his health asks questions.

The hearing is set for January 27, a deadline that reassures Mervyn Thomas, founding president of Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

“While it is disappointing to hear of a further delay in court proceedings, we note that, unlike on previous occasions, there has not been an excessively long and seemingly punitive adjournment. »

It calls for "due process", "the arrest and prosecution of the real instigators and perpetrators of violence" and "the protection of citizens, regardless of their creed or ethnic origin". Mervyn Thomas also urges “the international community to closely monitor the situation in Kaduna and throughout central Nigeria, raising this ongoing human rights crisis with the Nigerian government whenever necessary.”


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