Nepal: Hindu priest experiences the power of Jesus and becomes missionary

Kosh Dahal is a Hindu priest in Kathmandu, like his father, like his brothers and sisters.

Tout succeeds him. He is part of the highest caste. His business is flourishing. But his heart is not at peace. He wonders. "Why don't the gods and goddesses that I pray to, that I praise, answer me? Why am I here? What will I be after I die? But a Christian had decided to tell him about Jesus. Every day he went to the clinic in Kosh. He did not stop announcing the gospel to her every day. Tired of being bothered every day by a man from a lower caste, Kosh said:

“You tell me that Jesus is God and that there is no other. You tell me that Jesus can save me, touch me, talk to me, stay with me, change me, do anything. You tell me that God is love, that He is alive, and that all the other idols can do nothing. I've had enough of you now! I'll prove to you that this is all a lie! "

Kosh committed to praying to Jesus, 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening, every day, for 30 days, with sincerity:

"If you are the true God, come, touch me, change me, in 30 days!" His goal: to prove to the world that Christianity is a lie.

If Jesus does not answer the prayer, Kosh intends to go and file a complaint against the Christian. Proselytism is prohibited. If Jesus answers prayer, Kosh is ready to sacrifice all he has, give up everything to follow Jesus.

The challenge is posed. Every day, Kosh respects his commitment. 1st week, nothing happens. 2nd week, nothing happens. Kosh tells the Christian that he is going to have problems. 3rd week. Kosh tells Jesus that he only has one week left! But while Kosh is there, alone, he feels an electric current entering his body, running through him at full speed… "Who is this?" What is happening to me? Who is inside of me? Then calm returned.

“I had challenged Jesus. He sent His power. Jesus is real. I believed it now. He is God. He is strong. "

The 330 million gods had not answered his prayers, but Jesus changed his life.

His wife, Shobba, has seen her husband change. She was miraculously healed in Jesus' name. She too turned to Jesus.

They started to evangelize in Nepal, opened a church there. Then they left their properties, their companies and trained in the Philippines. They have planted 5 churches there and are now missionaries in Asia to the Nepalese with the Kairos Nepali Church.


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