"Neither forgotten nor abandoned": Organizations demand the release of Leah Sharibu and other captives

Nigerian Christians stand up to denounce Boko Haram violence and demand the release of Leah Sharibu and other Boko Haram captives.

Uhe pacifist demonstration took place in the streets of Lagos, Nigeria, at the initiative of a group of organizations including CPJ Global, a Christian organization, and the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights. Their slogan, “Not Forgotten, Not Forsaken”, “Neither Forgotten, Neither Abandoned”. To refuse domestic violence, sexual abuse, harassment and be those of the voice who are in captivity because of Boko Haram.

They called for the immediate release of Leah Sharibu, Boko Haram lifelong slave for 52 days and Boko Haram captive since 288 days, as well as abducted schoolgirls and others in captivity. CPJ Global insists:

“As long as an individual remains captive, we are all partially in captivity. "


Placed by Abraham Sam Aiyedogbon op Zaterdag December 1, 2018

Rev. Abraham Sam Aiyedogbon, head of the CPJ team, urged everyone to continue the fight until Boko Haram frees all those it holds captive.

“For a long time the Church has been like a lined army. Army, either properly or insufficiently, but not deployed, you and I agree, if the religious people had mobilized, had deployed, and had been made aware of their civic responsibility, and that the function of the citizens is more important than any other political function in the country, about the fact that the power belongs to the people and not to the government. "

Le Reverend Para-Mallam denounced the "continuous bloodshed"

“Churches in the central belt, the northeast and other parts of northern Nigeria are suffocating. Where are Christians and Muslims in government and the public square? Africa appears because the challenges of Nigeria today easily become the huge traps of Africa of tomorrow. Let us unite as Nigerians and save our country and Africa from continuous bloodshed and prevent future rivers of blood! Enough is enough ! Let's get Nigeria back on track! ”


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