Are natural disasters sometimes a judgment of God?

Are natural disasters sometimes a judgment of God? I have often wondered if God was trying to speak to us through these events.

Following the terrible events engendered by Hurricane Matthew, Billy Graham chose to respond in his letters to the editor to a question that worries a large number of people.

“Yes, God can certainly use natural disasters to speak to us, just as He can use other difficulties and tragedies to turn our hearts to Him.

What can these events tell us?

On the one hand, they remind us of the brevity of life. We can be strong and successful, but when disaster strikes, we realize this is all wrong. We can lose everything in just a few seconds. And when we first face the reality of death, we realize our need for God.

“Behold, my very sufferings have become my salvation; You took pleasure in withdrawing my soul from the pit of nothingness, for you have cast behind you all my sins. "
Isaiah 38: 17

Disasters can also remind us of the need to help others, rather than always looking to us. Shortly after Hurricane Katrina devastated much of New Orleans, my son Franklin and I visited the affected area. I will never be able to forget how this catastrophe connected people from such different backgrounds, especially in churches. The Bible says:

“Bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. "
6 Galates: 2

We don't necessarily know why God allows natural disasters. Sometimes Satan seems to have a role through her. But the time to prepare for life's crises is now, not when they strike. If your faith and trust is in Christ, and if you seek to live for him every day, it doesn't matter what happens. "



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