National deconfinement protocol: The organization of evangelical churches

The CNEF helps evangelical Protestant associations to anticipate the organization of their activities within the framework of the national deconfinement protocol.

LThe Ministry of Labor yesterday published the national deconfinement protocol for companies to ensure the health and safety of employees. The National Council of Evangelicals of France (CNEF) has just published a communicated for the attention of Protestant associations evangelicals in order to help them anticipate the organization of their activities within the framework of this deconfinement.

Le CNEF begins by taking stock of the reception of the public.

“At present, there is still a lot of unknown in terms of public reception. We are awaiting government indications, in particular for places of worship. "

As for places of worship, he recalls that gatherings remain prohibited until June 2. As for the works, he specifies, "as regards the reception of the public, the standards can vary according to your sector of activity (assistance and charity, youth reception, bookstore, solidarity shop…)".

The National Council then discusses the safety of personnel.

“In terms of staff security, the national deconfinement protocol published by the Ministry of Labor on May 5, 2020 is applicable and serves as a reference. Many measures already concern Establishments open to the public (cleaning and disinfection standards, flow management), which makes it possible to anticipate things and measure the expected requirements for the resumption of gatherings.
Each association, as well as its leaders, will be responsible for ensuring the health security of staff, understood in the broad sense (people who intervene for the association, whether they are ministers of religion, employees or volunteers).
The ministers of religion are not employees within the meaning of labor law, but the obligation of security which weighs on the religious association towards the ministers of religion who exercise in its favor is assimilated to that of employers.
For works, this protocol is also available in job descriptions, which you can consult according to the activities of your association. "

The CNEF continues by referring to local particularities, recalling that "deconfinement will take place according to the departmental health situation".

“Stricter measures than those of the government could be taken by the prefects.
The departmental delegates of the CNEF are the privileged contacts with the prefectures and the leaders of the Evangelical Protestant churches and works. They inform their network of the measures taken by the prefects with regard to the departmental health situation. They bring back to the prefects any difficulties encountered by those responsible for churches and works.
For departments not provided with a departmental delegate, the CNEF is responsible for being the link with the prefectures and the heads of churches and works. "

To conclude, the CNEF recalls that the criminal and civil liability of association leaders could be engaged. He asks them to "engage all the means at their disposal to ensure the safety of personnel and to be able to provide proof of their diligence in this matter".


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