Nahgmeh Abedini and Jacqueline Sauvage, two faces of women victims of domestic violence

Accused of aggravated murder for having killed her husband in 2012, Jacqueline Sauvage is the subject of a campaign in favor of the presidential pardon. His case is talking. And that's good. 10 years of imprisonment on appeal for having killed her husband, is it "justice" when we have accepted the beatings for 47 years?

Battacked and abused for 47 years of her life, Jacqueline Sauvage killed her husband in 2012, so that the violence would stop. Her son had committed suicide the day before, after being beaten by his father, his daughters were also abused and victims of violence by their father. The mother never said anything. Who are the victims ?

Naghmeh Abedini, wife of the pastor recently released from Iranian jails where he had been imprisoned since 2012, did everything to have her husband released: campaign in the press, visit to the American Parliament, lobbying the Obama government, fasting, prayer campaigns ... and several hundred thousand people around the world have followed all the stories of these fascinating moments on the Internet. Just 4 days after his release, we suddenly learn, that she lodged a complaint and initiated proceedings for abuses (violence and sexual abuse) occurring throughout their married life. The case is a shock: why not have spoken before, when she was the first activist for the liberation of her husband ... Once again, no one is in her place!

These 2 cases show how much modesty must be kept towards the victims, and refrain from judging too quickly these women who react, and who to save their skin, have taken it to the extreme. Of course, we cannot excuse the horror, nor tolerate it, yet we cannot do justice to ourselves ?! In the Sauvage case, we are awaiting the reaction of François Hollande, who will have to decide on a thorny question. To pardon or not, to excuse or not, to understand or not?

Worldwide, according to a 2013 WHO report, one in three women is the victim of violence from her partner. In France, only 15% of battered women file a complaint. This figure was mentioned during the trial of Jacqueline Sauvage. Domestic violence, the too often masked face of the reality of millions of women around the world is not without relaying the violence shown by women in general today: we only have to remember the events in Cologne of December 2015… And there is no shortage of examples: forced marriages of minors, violated rights, violence by terrorist associations, etc… there is not a day that we do not learn yet other news that makes us to turn pale with dismay and anger in the face of so much injustice.

Often the victims cannot do much, do not always know where to go, and also, can do nothing in the face of violence that is sometimes institutionalized, often cultural and considered "part of the education of girls and women". Without speaking about the eternal questions of gender equality not always in adequacy with the education dispensed in the schools to apprehend them, the woman today is it always safe in her marriage? 118 women die each year of domestic violence against 40 men, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

Update: Since the publication of this article, the President of the Republic has made use of article 17 and has chosen to pardon Jacqueline Sauvage, Sunday January 31, 2016.


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