Nabeel Qureshi: "You can love Muslims even if they seek to kill you"

The recent history ofAsad Shah, assassinated for showing love to Christians, and Salah farah, who died trying to protect Christians during a jihadist attack, invites us not to give in to hatred and mistrust but rather to let love fill our hearts.

Nabeel Qureshi, author of the book "In search of Allah I found Jesus", and international speaker, urges us to consider the path of love as a response to jihadism. Christians can continue to love Muslims even if some adherents of Islam try to eliminate them.

Nabeel Qureshi sets out his point of view in his latest book “Answering Jihad: A Better Way Forward”. He wrote this book to give westerners the keys to understanding what Islam is and what Muslims are.

“It's a book for all citizens. For the person who has heard about Islam in the media and heard the feuds between conservative politicians saying Muslims should stay out of the country and those saying what is happening has nothing to do with it. 'Islam. We hear all of these things. There is a lot of confusion and little clarity. "

For Nabeel people and politicians do not understand this situation because they do not look at the big picture, the big picture, but only small parts of this picture.

“On the one hand you have the people who completely ignore the history of Islam and how this history could be linked with jihadist violence. And on the other hand you have the people who look at theology but ignore the complexity of the religious traditions of Islam. Islam can be manifested as a peaceful practice, but only when people go beyond the foundational practices. "

With the canonical texts of Islam becoming more and more available via the Internet, Nabeel Qureshi unfortunately fears that “the idea of ​​moderate Islam” will become something extremely difficult to maintain.


source: Christian post

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