Yashar, Muslim, meets Jesus in near death experience

Yashar lives in Iran with his whole family. He is a practicing Muslim. But Jesus has a different plan for him.

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Lhen in a car accident, he has a near-death experience. Yashar becomes a witness to his own accident. He sees himself. He sees dark things around him. He also sees a bright light talking to him. When she approaches him, Yashar is appeased.

“I wanted to be fair with the light. I wanted time to stand still. I was still looking at myself. […] I did not know that this voice was Jesus. "

Then suddenly, Yashar returns to his body. He opens his eyes and sees his brother who reassures him. They are on their way to the hospital.

On leaving the hospital, Yashar obtains a bible and watches the film “Jesus”. He found it in his car.

“For 27 years, I prayed to Allah. But I felt he wasn't talking to me, that he couldn't hear me. There was no communication between us. But when I talk to Jesus, He answers me right away. "

Yashar then saw particularly blessed times: Jesus himself revealed himself to him in his dreams. He teaches it night after night.

“In my dreams, Jesus showed me what he did on earth, his resurrection, and how he returned to his Father. All these things that's written in the Bible, I've seen them in my dreams. I had many dreams. Like a teacher, God was teaching me about the life of Jesus. When I was confused, confused, when I did not understand, God explained it to me in a dream. So I understood. "

His faith is growing day by day. He quits alcohol and drugs. The members of his family no longer recognize him and want to know more. His brother first followed him to church. As we pray for him, he is touched by the Holy Spirit and he turns to Jesus.

“He started to believe. He believed that we were all sinners and that one man could save us. He believed that this man is Jesus, because He did not sin and He sacrificed Himself for us. "

In the face of the changed lives of Yashar and his brother, other members of his family turned to Jesus. 8 were baptized. Yashar says:

“We waited 3 years to be baptized. I am so surprised, happy, so happy. I thank God for his wonderful message. And I mean that too: there is a time for everyone. When that time comes, the person understands. My desire is for everyone to have this encounter with God. Let everyone recognize him. May everyone live like Jesus. Sharia does not save. She can't save us. "

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source: The Last Reformation

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