Rediscover the story of the Good Samaritan in a contemporary version!

"Our goal with this film was to give a contemporary version of the famous story of the Good Samaritan" explain Philippe Kiener and Yves Gertsch, directors of the film.

The famous parable of the Gospel indeed undergoes a sacred facelift, while remaining ultimately very faithful to the original story.

"The fact that the original story is in the Bible might suggest that the question of love depends on one's religious convictions," notes Christian Vez, one of the screenwriters. Yet when he tells it, Jesus does not refer to any religious rule, but to a life experience, unfortunately very common in his time. "

Likewise in the film, the intention is clearly to allow the viewer, whatever their convictions, to enter into the questions that open the story: "Who should we love, and who could we afford to disdain?" Violently attacked, supremely abandoned, before being finally rescued, the main character of the film will let these questions evolve in him, and will ultimately formulate them in a completely different way.

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