Mission Review: 9 presidential candidates share their vision of Jesus

As the election deadline approached, the review Mission “wanted to take up its pilgrim's staff” to meet the candidates for the presidential election. Nine of them agreed to say something personal about Jesus. Discover excerpts from their confidences. 

After seven years of existence, the Mission Congress decided last September to launch its magazine, soberly titled “Mission”, to "bring solid food all year round to the missionaries who go to meet the French".

On the occasion of the presidential elections and since “politics is a missionary field like any other”, the editorial staff of Mission decided to approach the candidates to question them on their perception of Jesus. Nine of them agreed to answer this original question, to say the least.

Thus, Catholics and Evangelicals, with varied political sensitivities, worked together to concoct this somewhat special special issue. An unprecedented and definitively missionary approach which makes it possible to carry a Christian word in the public space and to put Jesus in the middle of the newsstands of France!

Because as the editorial director, Samuel Pruvot, reminds us in his editorial, if Jesus is not a candidate in 2022 and will therefore not be president, "he already reigns in the hearts of believers and well beyond".

InfoChrétienne invites you to discover excerpts from what these nine presidential candidates told the Mission magazine about their personal vision of Jesus of Nazareth.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan :

“Jesus is for me the one who saves man and restores dignity to everyone. I had a Christian upbringing but I understood Jesus politically much later, when I read how Christianity overthrew the Roman Empire. I then understood the incredible power of human equality and dignity”.

Anne-Hildago :

“Jesus for me is a somewhat solitary and visionary hero. A man capable of opening a completely improbable path on which many men will follow him… I am a humanist woman but I find myself in the figure of Jesus of Nazareth. »

Yannick Jadot :

“In my eyes, he embodies solidarity, sharing and tolerance. Jesus? But it would be green today for sure! What does the ecological crisis tell us today? What does Jesus tell us? They force us to be lucid about consumerism, productivism, and the place acquired by money and finance in our world. »

Jean Lassalle :

“Jesus is my little brother. […] I've always thought that, ever since I learned this story in catechism and reading the Bible. It's curious, I see that I've always liked it, not without asking myself the questions that men ask themselves and that I continue to ask myself. »

Marine Le Pen :

“For me, Jesus is the very symbol of sacrifice; a sacrifice for love. This sacrifice comes in a thousand ways. Obviously, not everyone has a vocation to save men! But you can save your country by sacrificing your own life. »

Emmanuel Macron :

“I had a decidedly more 'mystical' time in my life. I had the feeling of having understood something, I wanted to understand more, I felt… There was in me the desire for a link with a transcendence. I assumed all of this as a family. So I wanted to be baptized. »

Jean-Luc Mélenchon :

“Probably most important about Jesus are the accounts we have of his life and words throughout the Gospels. These stories have permeated our cultures, their common morals. If I wanted to be teasing, I would retain in Jesus the subversive figure. »

Valerie Pécresse :

“The figure of Jesus can inspire far beyond the Catholic universe. There is a message of love that strikes me. You will love your neighbor as yourself. It is a universal message. This is a message that may seem a little crazy. Giving your life for those you love is not very reasonable! »

Eric Zemmour :

“In my education Jesus was on the one hand an immense rabbi, he was in the great tradition of the prophets, etc. And at the same time, there was the great religious quarrel which is the following: is he the son of God or God? I hear my father tell me 'Obviously Jesus Christ was a son of God! But we are all sons of God!' ".

Camille Westphal Perrier

To learn more about what Emmanuel Macron, Valérie Pécresse, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and others have to say about Jesus, see you tomorrow at newsstands to get this special issue of Mission !

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