Mirna Hanna, star of "The Voice Kids" in Lebanon, flees Iraq, threatened with death by Daesh

Sometimes, while browsing videos on the internet, we find ourselves shedding a tear at the performance of a talented child. But the one you are about to discover, beyond her voice, has a life that touches hearts ...

Une little Christian girl, who made the buzz with her dazzling performance on the set of the Arabic version of The Voice Kids, reveals that she fled Iraq when ISIS threatened to kidnap and kill her. Nicknamed the “Chaldean Princess of Babylon” by Internet users, Mirna Hanna, barely 12 years old, surprises the judges with her interpretation of an Iraqi love song, followed by the hit Frozen, Released. On YouTube the video of his performance has been viewed over 30 million times.

In an interview, Mirna recounts how she ended up on the show, and how she was forced to flee Iraq for Lebanon eight months before, when her life was in danger.

“After we arrived in Lebanon, my father told me that Daesh wanted to kidnap and kill me. Since that day, I was very scared at night and I could no longer sleep alone, ”she confides. " The Voice, this is an opportunity to sing for the world, and to show that Iraq is not just about war and all those things - there are also beautiful melodies there ”.

His father adds, “Everyone knows Iraq's problems with the Islamic State, and the way they are slaughtering the people, taking their homes. They threatened to kidnap the little one, so we came here. We left everything there ”.

The life of this young Chaldean Christian, until then ravaged by war, changes completely when she finds herself on stage, in a magnificent red dress, to sing in front of the biggest stars of the Arab world. The judges, captivated and moved by his performance did not wait long before turning around. It is with wet eyes, and surely with a heart full of emotions, that they begin to use all means to have the young survivor of Daesh on their team.

Hoping to win Mirna's heart, one of the judges, Nancy Ajram, promises her an array of Frozen costumes, and actor Tamer Hosny offers her to star in one of her films. But it is the simplest of the offers, made by the Iraqi judge Kazem Saher, which convinces her: that of singing what she wants during the competition. In the footsteps of Sister Cristina (Winner of The Voice Italy), or Jordan Smith (Winner of season 9 of The Voice in the United States), perhaps she will sing in honor of Her God, the One who pulled her from the hands of the enemy?


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