"Miracle of love": The new title of evangelical singer Chris Tomlin

Famous Christian music singer Chris Tomlin has just released a new song for Christmas that celebrates the birth of Jesus and is called "Miracle of Love".

Lon October 9th, Chris tomlin, famous for writing and performing 'How great is our God', announced the release of her new Christmas track, " Miracle of love" page (in French).

A song that celebrates the birth of Jesus but also echoes the personal life of the artist and the unexpected pregnancy of his wife as Chris Tomlin announced on his Twitter account:

“SURPRISE! "Miracle Of Love: Song of Praise for Christmas" is now available!
For me, this Christmas continues in the spirit of unexpected gifts. When I learned that my wife and I were expecting our third child scheduled for December, I was surprised… to say the least! "

Translation of the lyrics:

"I got the news today
It seems that you will arrive
It took my breath away
And tears filled my eyes
You will surely change a lot of things
In the way I lead my life
I hit my knees to pray
So thankful for this new life

An unborn baby, an unborn baby
A miracle of love
A gift from God sent to us
From the sky above
And I thought I heard the angels sing
An unborn baby, an unborn baby
A miracle of love

Better than wonderful
Oh ain't that amazing
That something so small and fragile
Can make me feel this way
I have to tell everyone that I know this baby
It's approaching, and I can't wait to be on Christmas Day ”


CBN News reports that the surprise baby will be the couple's third daughter, due 11 days before Christmas.

In an interview with PEOPLE Magazine , the Christian artist said his goal when writing the song was for each line to have a double meaning that speaks of the birth of her baby on Christmas and parallel to the birth of Jesus.

“Christmas is to celebrate a gift from God, a surprise child for Joseph and Mary, a true miracle of love. For me, it is another gift to be able to write a song about the surprise of our third baby girl and the parallel story of the birth of Jesus. "

This song is part of his new album for the holiday season also entitled "Miracle of Love". It includes six songs including a duet with the artist Lauren daigle which is titled "Christmas".


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