Mike Pence: "Daesh is not guilty of anything other than genocide perpetrated against Christians"

When for his World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians, US Vice President Mike Pence spoke in a long speech firmly committed to the defense of Christians who suffer persecution around the world.

L'event is gathering right now in Washington, 600 Christians from 130 nations to alert, pray and mobilize in favor of persecuted Christians. Mike Pence's speech was introduced by Reverend Franklin Graham, who said he particularly appreciates in the Vice President his “strong faith in God, and his faith in Jesus Christ, as the Son of God”.

“As a Nation, we are fortunate to have a president who believes in God, and a vice president who strongly supports the Church. He is not afraid to express his faith. "

Mike Pence was able to recall the tragedies that are playing out in many countries, particularly in the Middle East under the influence of Daesh.

“Christian communities, where our Lord's message was first spoken and embraced, are often today the targets of indescribable atrocity. In Egypt just recently we have seen bombs explode in churches in the middle of the Palm Sunday celebration. A day of hope turned into tragedy. "

He then assured the audience of President Trump's sharp conscience about the persecution:

“Know with confidence today that President Trump views these crimes for what they are, vile acts of persecution fueled by hatred - hatred for the gospel of Christ. "

Mike Pence also recalled appalling numbers. In Syria, "the Christian population has fallen by a quarter in the past six years." He also announces 80% fewer Christians in Iraq, in just a decade, "due to the violence of extremism and acts against Christian communities." "

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“The Bible says that all those who will want to live piously in Jesus Christ will be persecuted… Daesh is guilty of nothing but genocide perpetrated against Christians, and it is time for the world to call it by its name … Know, all of you who endure persecution every day, in distant lands, the prayers of the American people are with you… Regarding the Christian Church, no one has been treated worse than in the Middle East. America will support Christ's followers in these times of need. "

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