Western Christians and Migrants: Another Way

They came, they are all there, they fled the fear and the screams
On foot by boat, here they are.
They came, they are all there, from Syria, Libya
Believing that we would extend our arms to them ...

Ne were used to migratory flows going from east to west or vice versa. Since the middle of the 8th century, both on the American continent and from Africa to Europe, migrants have taken a route from the south to the north (this north which consumes XNUMX% of the common wealth!). This is not without consequence because it follows a confrontation not only of languages ​​and habits, but of culture, religions, values. Facing the flood of refugees and asylum seekers

sweeping across Europe,
or knocking on our door, it depends!

Our old continent is worried, agitated, is lost in conjectures ...
Two attitudes emerge and clash:

Let us show solidarity, they are our fellows, let us welcome them!
They come dressed as beggars but want to rob us!

What if these two positions were not contradictory?
Europe is steeped in Christian values, but it has denied what makes it strong (2 Timothy 3: 5).

She holds out a hand without knowing her home.
She pushes the stranger away for fear of being stripped.

We can only welcome the other in a solid house. Otherwise the walls creak and everyone is in the street.
"Stop being nice, be real", insists Thomas d'Ansemburg:

"Let us welcome the other without ceasing to be ourselves,
Let us be ourselves without ceasing to welcome the other. "

Yes, we are invited to open our doors abroad, even if there are wolves among the sheep. We must keep our eyes open and the masters of the house that we are must preside at the tables that we set.
This is how solidarity will become fraternity and our fellow human beings will become our brothers.

Olivier de Scorbiac

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