Death of Michel Delpech: “Jesus entered my life, my heart. "

Born in Courbevoie, Michel quickly found success at the age of 19, with his first hit “Chez Laurette”. 15 years of popular success and touring followed.

artist Michel Delpech, performer of the essential songs "Chez Laurette", "Le Loire et Cher" or "Pour un flirt", died yesterday, Saturday January 2, 2016, at the age of 69, following a throat cancer, detected in 2013.

But as he will say himself:

“Maturity is sometimes long in coming. "

And the glory will be accompanied by many excesses, artificial havens, alcohol, depression and divorce, which will lead him on a long journey through the desert.

Yet, at the age of 25, while traveling to Jerusalem with his wife, Michel had an extraordinary experience:

“Before the tomb of Christ, I knelt down and Jesus entered my life, my heart. It was very sweet. I really felt like I was coming back to him. Like a wedding. " 

“As my hands brush this stone, I am soon overwhelmed by an immense peace, an ineffable love: I meet Christ. "

The one who had known faith in his childhood, had found his first love. This meeting with Jesus, he will keep it secret and will remain discreet on his spiritual journey.

The 80s will be marked by a second marriage. Michel's blended family then had 5 children. The singer and now actor, will finally become more and more discreet in the 90s.

It was not until 2014, when he was already fighting cancer, that he decided to reveal his love for Jesus and his passion for theology to his audience, in a book entitled "I dared God" .

He then declared:

“I know that this language is hardly audible, coming from a popular singer. Is a variety singer who reads Church Fathers and Desert Fathers credible? A star who cultivates his interior life by being passionate about theology have she the right to say that it is not about a fleeting infatuation? I risk it anyway because I know that if I left without ever having mentioned it, I would have regrets. "

The one who had a "great desire to live" and who dreaded not being able to sing again, had chosen to bear witness to his hope despite the illness, like a testament left to his audience.

“God is still waiting for us to come to him. He doesn't hold a grudge. He receives us even if we make him wait "

Check out his latest clip.


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