Meeting with pastor and author Darja Reichor: A strong and hopeful testimony

We spoke to you a few weeks ago about Darja Reichor on the occasion of the release of her book "The storm is passing", published by First Part editions. This week, we had the chance to meet her. For InfoChrétienne, she returned to her story, how the Lord helped her to rebuild herself and the blessings she sees in her life today. A beautiful testimony of God's love, bearer of hope!

Darja Reichor is sunny and smiling, we feel happy, relaxed. A real miracle when you know the many hardships she has encountered in recent years and that she relates with authenticity in his book "The Storm Passes".

"Nothing is impossible for God", this sentence that she has since had tattooed on her body (on the forearm Ed), Darja has repeated it to herself over and over again, with each new drama that the life brought her, she clung to it with strength and determination.

"I am often told that my life is a succession of bad luck, but I say that it is a succession of miracles", she confides to us.

The tone is set, Darja Reichor chooses to see the action of God rather than focusing on the difficulties. However, she does not hesitate to point out that she is like everyone else, that she is nothing extraordinary. Because the light, the glory, she wants to leave it entirely to the Lord, the one who first loved her, who saved her and who every day, whether in the depths of the storm or in moments of joy, the accompanies and guides her.

How to get up after a tragedy?

A victim of sexual abuse at the age of nine, Darja also went through difficult and risky pregnancies, came close to death several times, witnessed the attempted kidnapping of one of her daughters and saw her children suffer. . So, how do we recover from all these dramas?

First of all, Darja does not deny the suffering she has experienced. “There were a lot of tears, a lot of discouragement, it was literally the valley of the shadow of death,” says the Marseille pastor, who adds that she wondered if it was going to end one day.

"If my book is about how God met me in the storm, that doesn't mean I didn't experience those storms, that doesn't mean I didn't suffer," she continues.

However, if she evokes incomprehension and anger, she affirms it: “there is not a test where God did not meet me”.

Concretely, she speaks of His presence, she confides that she felt the Father infuse her with strength and courage. A little voice deep in his heart telling him: “it will pass, you will get there, hold on”.

She also dwells on the incredible support she received during this long period of suffering.

“Jesus met me through my loved ones, my family, my friends. People who gave me their shoulder to cry on and who simply told me, 'we're here, we're with you'. »

Darja finally insists on the role played by his father who never let him isolate himself. “I just wanted to be alone, I wanted to be left alone, I didn't want to come to church anymore,” she recalls. An isolation which, she realizes today, could have been fatal to her. “That he thus pushes me to go out, to come to church, saved me”.

A succession of miracles

If she experienced many hardships, referred to as “torture” by the Christian therapist who followed her a few years later, Darja also experienced incredible miracles!

The first is her extraordinary encounter with Jesus at the age of 9, a few hours after being the victim of a sexual assault. While her parents in tears, revolted by the drama experienced by their daughter, began to pray, Jesus revealed himself to her.

“It is certain that this experience has carried me since and will carry me until the end of my life on earth, because I lived it, no one can take it away from me. »

This meeting will be the foundation on which she will base her life and her ministry. A path that led her to take over from her parents and lead the Protestant Church of Le Panier de Marseille with her husband, Simon.

Among the miracles she has experienced, Darja also mentions healings. The one who knew death very close to several times says today to live each day as if it were the last with joy and gratitude.

However, one of the greatest miracles that God allowed her to experience was undoubtedly the birth of her four daughters.

Not just because they themselves have survived a thousand ordeals, but because they are simply there. Because Darja learned, years after her four pregnancies, that she had a syndrome (from which she has since been miraculously cured Editor's note) which makes it very difficult to conceive a baby. Not to mention that due to other health concerns, she has known since the age of 25 that she will never be able to have children again.

The Liberation 

After these six years of pain and despite the miracles and blessings, Darja reports feeling weighed down. Internally by the weight of her past sufferings, and also physically since over these painful years, she reveals to have gained a lot of weight.

Followed by a Christian therapist, she then began a work of healing and introspection which ended with a new miracle: the Lord freed him!

“I had a vision, where I saw Jesus taking on his back each of my trials, until I felt that this inner weight was gone”. Afterwards, Darja followed another path to lose weight, feeling that she also needed to find a balance on this side.

Today, the XNUMX-year-old confides in us “living her best life”. Aware that our time on earth is filled with different seasons, she is taking full advantage of the period of grace she is currently experiencing. Fulfilled in her role as mother, wife, pastor and woman, she is happy to be able to share her story to encourage, with gentleness and humility, those who are at the bottom of the storm.

In conclusion, the young woman rightly reminds us that we all have two things in common: “The first is that we go through storms, the second is that every storm passes”.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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