When the medical profession insists on terminating a pregnancy

Nothing had prepared me for what I was going to hear that day in the obstetric gynecology office of the CHU. Of course, we were aware of our baby's heart defect, and we knew that open heart surgery from birth was essential to his survival. Of course the risk of losing the baby had been present in our minds since the morphological ultrasound of the fifth month, which revealed his pathology. But we never imagined being under so much pressure to terminate the pregnancy.

LThe medical profession was however optimistic the first time after the announcement of the diagnosis. A transposition of the great vessels is corrected well. It is certainly necessary to have recourse to a major surgery, but that is corrected. There can be difficult post-operative consequences, the child does not always survive this delicate operation, but the future can always be looked to with hope.

These encouraging words were now behind us. Gynecologists, surgeons, cardiopediatricians, ultrasound scientists all encouraged us to terminate pregnancy.

The risk was too great according to them to give life to a diminished child. It was highly probable. Our daughter would be born with very serious associated pathologies, a physical handicap, an intellectual delay or a syndrome that we would discover at birth. The reviews were consistent with these assumptions. Letting this baby be born would harm our other three children, hamper our family and our lives forever.

Began a long introspection for my husband as for me. More and more insistent medical interviews followed. We had to give up, accept the only sensible alternative and put an end to this pregnancy.

Being Christians, resolutely committed for life has not prevented us from considering this solution as the only good one.

But the choice to end the life of our child was definitely impossible for us.

She would live. Deprived, handicapped, but she would live. An hour, three months, a whole life enslaved to her body, but she would live.

It was not naivety that drove us to this decision. Syndromes, heavy autism, disabilities were all familiar to us. Several friends and members of our families, Christians or not, accompanied or had accompanied their child throughout a difficult journey.

It was simply impossible for us to take the life of our child. We preferred to leave his destiny in the hands of our Heavenly Father.

The last interview with the obstetrician was trying. His statements uttered in anger did not reach me. I don't even want to relate them because they are so offensive.

But 3 weeks later, during a new ultrasound. The doctor told me:

" Everything is fine. We were wrong. She is doing very well… You have to keep her warm as long as possible so that she has the strength to endure the operation. "

Miracle? ...

All our gratitude goes to the Lord. He is the author of all good things and holds all things in his hands.

“It is according to your laws that everything remains today, for all things are subject to you. "
Psalms 119: 91

Interview by HL

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