Support the missionary project of Mark, the prodigy in the service of God

Support Marc's missionary project!

Marc, married and father of a little girl named Emmy, has been working in the Top mission for 7 years as an engineer in charge of programming websites.

DA graduate of a great engineering school, he could have had a "stable situation" and "made a success of his life" by earning a high salary, but he preferred to sacrifice everything to serve the Lord. For David Nolent, deputy director of Top Chrétien, Marc is a real prodigy:

What I like about Marc is his humility. He finished major in the entrance examination to the prestigious engineering school "Centrale Paris" in 2000 in the PT branch. He was part of the team that developed the VLC video player used around the world. Marc could have earned 2 to 3 times more in a secular job but he decided to sacrifice everything for the service of the Lord, without ever highlighting his brilliant career.

Marc reminds me of Betsaleel found in the Bible: “The Lord said to Moses again: Listen, I have chosen Betsaleel… I have filled him with my Spirit, to make him very skillful and intelligent. He knows all kinds of techniques… ”Exodus 31: 1-5

Through his decision, he helped change the lives of thousands of people through the design of sites such as the TopBible and  TopTrainings. Even today, he continues to develop new tools to reach more and more people. Without him, the Top would no longer be the Top. Every person that God sent to the Top team is essential and it really is for Marc.

To continue his mission within the Top, Marc must surround himself with people who support him with prayer and donations. Any gift, big or small, will allow him to devote himself fully to the call of God he has received. All its partners will receive its news through newsletters.

At present, Marc is far from having made up his entire team. In order to be able to fully continue his mission, he must find partners as quickly as possible who will support him each month for a total amount of 1200 euros. For example, this support would be achieved with 40 partners giving 30 euros per month.

If you want to know more or if you are keen to join his team, go to the site


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