Manny Pacquiao, champion of the heart! It offers 150 houses to vulnerable families

Boxer and MP, Manny Pacquiao has always been known for his ardent desire to fight poverty. He gives charity to the most vulnerable: this time to 150 families to whom he offered a home on the occasion of his 37 years.

The amount of aid amounts to roughly $ 600,000 for this village nicknamed "Pacman Village" (from the boxer's nickname). The lucky beneficiaries are from Bales Village, Maasim, in the Province of Saranggani in the Philippines.


Pacquiao did not wish for any glory to go to him for his generous donation, saying he was only an instrument to help those in need. On the contrary, he advised the lucky recipients to thank God and not him.

A total of 300 houses will be built on the 4Ha land acquired by the boxer.

“Thank God for what you have received today, it is a gift from him. He's just using me to help you. Take care of this property, and don't sell it, ”Pacquiao told the lucky families.

It looks like he's not done yet, because with land still available, other families are likely to receive the same gift in the future. He also confirmed it himself, saying that his goal is to build 600 homes in total, to help the homeless.

Pacquiao will participate in a last fight on April 9, 2016, the name of his opponent is not yet known. This will be the champion's last fight, before he ventures into politics, aiming for a senator's seat in the May 2016 elections in the Philippines.


source: The Diplomatic World et Art
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