Majida, prisoner in her own house after meeting Jesus

Majida lives in the Arabian Peninsula with her family. Like everyone else, she is a Muslim and follows the precepts of Islam. For her, Christians are heretics and have no morals, but her friendship with a Christian will change her conceptions.

La young woman has a henna tattoo stand. She enjoys chatting with her clients while she works on their hands. One day an Arabic-speaking westerner observed the stand. The two women discuss, appreciate and want to meet again. They exchange their numbers. A friendship was born. Then Majida learns one day that Lucy is a Christian, which is the occasion for many exchanges around their respective faiths.

When Lucy shows the film Jesus to Majida, she is overwhelmed by Jesus' sacrifice, and overcome with emotion. The two friends see each other every day and Majida walks with Jesus, her Lord. After praying a lot, Majida decides to tell her family everything. Her furious grandfather then has terrible words for the young woman.

“Girl, you are leaving the path of Islam, it's the worst thing you can do! Prepare to face the consequences. You bring shame on the family. If necessary, I would kill you for your faith in Jesus. ”

Majida's father nods to the grandfather's words, the mother turns away from her daughter, and they now forbid Majida to leave the house. They confiscate his phone. Sometimes, however, he is allowed to go out and visits Lucy. This situation has been going on for 3 years. Majida is put under pressure every day to deny Jesus. His parents are considering a forced marriage with a religious Muslim.



source: Open doors

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