Made In Compassion is committed alongside Father Pedro

With Father Pedro, Made In Compassion wants to act and is committed to financing the meals of the schoolchildren of Akamasoa. Thanks to this meal, a child can get out of the landfill, go to school and lay a solid foundation for a future that seemed lost.

Dfor 2 years, Made In Compassion has mobilized in the face of glaring inequalities in the world through sharing and generosity. When a child starves every 11 seconds, we know we have to give. And even give more. But who should you trust when so many associations appeal for solidarity?

Made In Compassion engages in the field with reliable organizations that support projects with real impact. United by values ​​and convictions, the donors of Made In Compassion, whether individuals, associations or companies, make a decisive commitment. Because every donation counts.

9 out of 10 inhabitants live on less than 2 euros per dayMadagascar lives a recurring humanitarian crisis. The Malagasy population suffers from the government's “economic underperformance” on a daily basis. Its purchasing power has decreased considerably in 60 years: 3 inhabitants out of 4 are extremely poor, 9 inhabitants out of 10 live on less than 2 euros a day. Half of the population is under 15: the educational needs of the big island are immense. Huge and unmanageable for a government that is aware of the situation.

In Madagascar, access to education is limited, inequitable and inadequate. One in three Malagasy cannot read or write. Without education, without employment, some believe in an illusory future: to take refuge in the dump of the capital. Every day, thousands of ragpickers are looking for something to survive: plastic, metal, charcoal, adulterated food. Among them, too many children left to fend for themselves.

Father Pedro decided to actAlmost 30 years ago, seeing these children, Father Pedro decided to act. He then set in motion a revolution: getting children out of the landfill, overcoming poverty and building a better world, helping without assisting. Its considerable social impact is recognized by the international community, as evidenced by its multiple nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. The impact of Father Pedro is 22 villages where everyone can find education, training, employment and health. Villages where everyone is building a serene future.

Made In Compassion has mobilized its donors on several occasions for urgent needs in Madagascar: emergency aid following Cyclone Enawo, reconstruction of houses, of a church, from an Akamasoa school, distribution of "winter kits", care for young Kanto who suffered from throat cancer. From now on, Made In Compassion wishes to provide Akamasoa with long-term support.

Father Pedro has worked for 28 years to get children out of the landfill, go to school and build a better future.

For this, he offers one meal a day to all the children of Akamasoa primary schools. This meal is generally the only meal these children receive during the day. With 15 euros, a child eats in the canteen for a monthIt is simple but healthy and safe food, which is not the case with the spoiled and infected food that they can find in the landfill.

It is often thanks to this meal that families agree to send their children to school rather than sending them to look for objects or food in the landfill. With 15 € a child can eat in the Akamasoa canteen for 1 month. Made In Compassion wants to take up this challenge to offer together one meal a day to 2000 children.

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