Lyndee comes out of a coma just before being disconnected: “I'm a fighter! "

Lyndee had been in a coma for 12 days. The doctors thought she was lost and were going to unplug her. Her family members said goodbye to her, but her husband challenged her, “I want you to fight. So she answered him!

Tit seemed over for Lyndee, apparently she wasn't reacting to anything anymore. She seemed to be engulfed in a bottomless sleep. So, in agreement with the family, the doctors planned to unplug her, which meant that her life, maintained artificially by machines, would come to an end. His relatives then followed one another to tenderly say goodbye to him.

It was then that her husband challenged her: “I want you to fight! " Lyndee, who heard everything but was angry at not being able to answer intelligibly, finally managed to speak:

“I am a fighter! "

Imagine the joy and amazement of his family!

After waking up, his recovery was very rapid. She testifies:

" Do not abandon. Talk to your loved ones: they can hear you! "

Elisabeth dugas

source: Yahoo News

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