Luxury, addictions… Only Yeshua was able to fill Dania's life

Dania has known luxury, the search for beauty, partying, but also the emptiness of a life without a goal and addictions. At the end of a long journey, it is finally Yeshua who will fill the void in his life, give it meaning and make Dania a new woman.

Dania was the wife of a very wealthy businessman. Nothing was inaccessible to him. Cars, jewelry, luxury boutiques, parties. Everything the world can offer was within his reach, but nothing really calmed his anxieties. She knows she's a sinner, so she prefers to take advantage of this world to forget about it. Alcohol, cocaine, antidepressants ... The young woman sinks into addictions, and the situation deteriorates even further when her husband announces to her that she will divorce her.

“And that's how my downward spiral began. Full of alcohol. Full of drugs. A life filled with totally immoral things. I couldn't understand why I was alive. What is the point of all this in the end? What's the idea? There was no light… Only darkness. There was only darkness. "

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In her distress, Dania wanted to seek help in the Bible. She didn't know anything about Yeshua. She discovers that he forgave her everything. In Jesus, she is no longer a sinner. He gave his life, so that she might live and her sins might be forgiven.

“The more I read, the more I felt that certain things were moving away from me […] It was coming out of me. I didn't understand what was happening to me. And then I started to pray. I knew I had to get up. And sell whatever was left of my past. Leave everything. To give everything. And go away. I have found a world that is truly worth living. Suddenly there was light! And it just changed my life. "

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