Let's live the church differently during confinement with Momentum

How to live the church when you are stuck at home?

Nos churches have closed their doors for several weeks already and for many of us, the containment rhymes with isolation. Fortunately, many churches are investing in Youtube and social networks so as not to leave their members without resources.

This period invites us to reinvent ourselves, to rethink the very idea of ​​the Church. We are convinced that the Church has a special role to play in this unique period, but how can she accomplish her mission even though she is deprived of her gatherings?

“Today more than ever, the Church must come out of its walls to reach people where they are: in their living room, at the back of their bed, behind their television or smartphone screen. We started Momentum online a year and a half ago and we really wanted to bless and support Internet users, ”says Pastor Patrice Martorano.

The Church should also, when she can, reach out to people in their needs. Confinement imposes a reduction in social relations, times of prayer together, physical activity, a desire to take care of oneself, to cook, not to mention the fear of economic repercussions for households and entrepreneurs.

The church Momentum initiated a holistic approach. Through a grid of programs available on its Youtube channel and on his Facebook, the whole team mobilized to help believers get through this period and come out stronger than at the start of the crisis.

  • Each morning at 9 a.m., there is a time of praise and prayer in the living room of Dan Luiten or one of Momentum's worship leaders to start the day off right.
  • At 10 a.m., Pastor Patrice Martorano invites you to his home for the Thought for the Day and a time when you can ask all your questions on the theme of the day.
  • At 17 p.m., the entire Momentum Junior team offers an educational and festive program for children. On the program: recipes, scientific experiments, challenges, Bible stories and games.
  • A song, a story: every Thursday at 20:30 p.m., Dan Luiten invites Christian composers to tell us behind the scenes of the writing of their songs.
  • From Ordinary to Extra: Tuesday evening at 20:30 p.m., this program retraces the journey and the extraordinary impact of ordinary people.
  • Throughout the week, the church also offers the program "En Forme" where a certified sports coach allows you to play sports to keep (or get back) in shape, in addition to dietary advice.
  • The program “Nos finances” provides relevant advice every week during the crisis.
  • And over the weeks, tips for entrepreneurs will emerge and a lot of other content that Momentum Church is shaping today to enable believers to move forward in multiple aspects of their lives during and despite confinement.

You can also join the group "Momentum family" on Facebook for more personalized support. Counselors will be at your service to pray by your side, to accompany you in difficult times if you feel the need.

The Church has always known how to adapt to circumstances and she has gone through all crises, all persecutions and even today she remains standing and alongside believers. This is what makes his story so fascinating.

Article transmitted by Patrice Martorano

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