Liam Neeson: "If God were a severe teacher, I would have long since abandoned the faith"

After Andrew Garfield, it's Liam Neeson's turn to lift the veil on his faith, and the way the filming of the film "Silence", led him to explore and question his own faith.

DIn Martin Scorsese's film, Liam Neeson plays the role of a Portuguese Jesuit, seeming to have turned his back on his faith and his former life as a religious. Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield play as the two young Jesuits who went to search for him in the heart of XNUMXth century China, agitated by the persecution of Christians.

During the preparation of the film, the 3 actors were initiated by a Jesuit brother, during a specific journey of faith, usually reserved for the future Jesuit. Andrew Garfield and Liam Neeson came out changed. Liam Neeson, interviewed by blogger sister Sister Rose, testifies thus:

“The formation of Jesuits, through spiritual exercises, is very profound. You build a relationship with Christ through the Gospels, so that ultimately Christ becomes your brother, someone you talk to regularly, every day, throughout the day. We see it happening with Rodrigues, this prayer, but God does not return his calls. In the silence he only hears the voice of Christ: 'I am with you always.' "

The famous actor, whose masterful interpretation of the leading role in "Schindler's List" had turned the world upside down, continues his statements by expanding on the personal faith that seems to drive him for longer.

“If God were a stern teacher, I would have long since abandoned the faith. God is love, love is God. I have had personal experiences of God's love, beautiful and soothing, all of the things the Psalms talk about. "


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