"Let go and have confidence, God is in charge": Justin Bieber's message of encouragement

Christian singer Justin Bieber, who does not hesitate to assert his love for Jesus publicly, has been increasing encouragement on social networks for a few weeks.  

Lhe faith of the famous Canadian singer, husband of Hailey Baldwin, also a Christian, is no secret. The singer, who is particularly close to Hillsong Church in New York, does not hesitate to assert his faith even in some of his songs or on social networks.

Since a few weeks, the singer multiplies the exhortations and the encouragements on his account Instagram. He calls out to his followers with phrases like "who have I encouraged this week?" "," What you do does not define who you are "," God loves people who will never love him back "," Today is a new beginning "etc. In each of these publications, Justin Bieber testifies to the love of Christ.

Yesterday he posted a post again encouraging his fans to let go and trust God "who is in charge." The singer claims to have seen Jesus "manifesting himself over and over again" in his own life even though he thought he could not continue.

“It can be difficult to stay grateful when we feel like everything around us is falling apart. The truth is, I don't know your specific situation, but I have seen Jesus come forward time and time again in my own life when I thought I couldn't go on. Let go and trust that God is in charge. "


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Justin Bieber wants to encourage people to "try to thank God" even when you feel lost and says that gratitude can then turn "into real joy."

“Sometimes you can feel like nothing is going your way. It feels like there is no hope for your future. Try to thank God for the things you have and watch that gratitude blossom into real joy. "

He adds that life is a gift, and urges his followers to take notice, saying it will enhance “our gratitude” to “our creator”.

“You have received life. It may seem like a curse at times, but I can assure you that it is a gift. You did not ask to be on this planet but you are there. If we can pause and recognize that life is a gift, I believe our gratitude to our Creator will be improved for sure. "


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