Legal victory of Lawyers for children against surrogacy

The OVH company, in its capacity as website host, was ordered this Tuesday, October 13, 2020 by the Versailles Court of Appeal to make a site promoting surrogacy inaccessible in France.

C 'is at the request of the association for the defense of children's rights, Child lawyers, during a legal battle that began in 2016, that the company OVH was sentenced on October 13.

The OVH company hosted a website offering surrogate mother services to the French, which is prohibited in France.


In one Press release published on October 14, the Jurists for Children association, reveals having "sent a formal notice on February 1, 2016", an action "reiterated thereafter, with the elements required by law".

The OVH company had already been convicted at first instance but decided to appeal. The Versailles Court of Appeal has just confirmed the previous judgment and the responsibility of the host has been retained.

“The judges noted in this case that 'the content of the site was obviously' manifestly illegal 'in that it explicitly contravened the provisions of French law - unambiguous - prohibiting surrogacy. 'It was therefore incumbent on OVH to act promptly' “.

Lawyers for children said they were delighted with this decision which "should set a precedent" and hope that it "can only encourage hosts to withdraw without delay or make illegal content inaccessible once they have been informed. and ordered to withdraw them. "



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