Eco-anxiety, the new evil of the century? [OPINION]

What is the point of getting involved, building a future, founding a family, having children while the world is on the verge of ruin through the negligence of our elders? The young generation suffers from a very strange disease: eco-anxiety.

According to a large study recently carried out across the world, 75% of young people judge the future " frightening ". Blame it on the omnipresence of the discourse on climate change: by dint of being told from an early age, at school and in the media, that humanity was running to its destruction, many young people are now and already convinced that we have already failed to save the planet. More than 200 years after Baudelaire, this new spleen, mixture of depression, anguish and disillusion, seizes the young generation.

As part of this study carried out by a team of researchers from the United Kingdom, Finland and the United States, 10 young people between the ages of 000 and 16 were asked about their level of anxiety about the child. climate change. Fear, despair, optimism, indifference ... A large majority simply have no hope for the future of humanity. They are 83% to estimate that the"We failed to take care of the planet", more than half (56%) even judging that "Humanity is doomed". A finding that lacks both hope and perspective in relation to the challenges, or conflicts, overcome by previous generations. Overall, 60% of young people say they are " very " indeed "Extremely" worried about climate change. As for politicians, 65% of young people believe that they "Let the young people down", 64% that they "Lie about the impact of their actions" and 60% that these decision-makers "Ignore their distress".

Added to the psychological damage due to recent lockdowns and fears related to the pandemic, the impact of this perception of climate change influences the mental health of the young generation. Thus, 55% of young people believe that they will have fewer opportunities than their parents, and 52% are even afraid for their family. It is not Greta Thunberg's cries of alarm or the IPCC reports that may reassure them. Yet nothing is lost, and nothing beats action, commitment, whatever the challenge, even in a post-Covid world that is furiously similar to the previous one. It would still be a shame if this generation called tomorrow to take the reins of the world gives up even before having made use of it ...

Judikael Hirel

source: LCI

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