Learn to find your place and to flourish when you are a different child

Hyper-sensitivity, dyslexia, motor handicap, extraordinary intellectual potential, autism, dyspraxia, difficult social situation, orphan diseases, dyscalculia, hyperactivity ...

IThere are so many troubles and limits that may gradually exclude our children from the school system, so many reasons that they do not adapt well to the proposed mold, so many small or large pots that they drag around, and which can hinder them in their progress at school and in daily life.

So many wounds that are added to the liking of bad encounters and difficult experiences in social situations, so many cracks likely to isolate those of our children that we call "different children".

The writing ofInfo Chrétienne wished to place the spotlight on these different children who have become adults, who have been able, during their lifetime, to overcome their doubts and obstacles, and transcend this difference to transform it into a real strength.

Raising the perfectly imperfect child: facing challenges with strength, courage and hope

The most emblematic of the different children in the Christian landscape is undoubtedly Nick Vujicic, born without any limbs. What a tragedy for the parents, what a collapse of the ideal child ...

Nick's father, Pastor Boris Vujicic, recently published a book testifying to the shock of discovering his son's disability and the long and doubtful journey that followed him. Nick's powerful ministry is now known around the world. He is a witness to the Gospel and a powerful encouragement to all who suffer in their flesh and who feel different.

Info Chrétienne will therefore soon devote a Lifestyle series to these different grown-up children, so that their pathways encourage parents who, to use the title of Boris Vujicic's book, are raising perfectly imperfect children and so that they too can face challenges with strength, courage and hope.

We open this series with a wonderful animated short film, which expresses in a very poetic way what a different child is, and how a single meeting can lead the child to tame his difference and to reveal all the potential. sometimes masked by "the little saucepan".


If you are one of those different children who have built themselves and who, by the grace of God, have been able to transcend their difference, you can send your testimonies to the editorial staff.


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