Lauren Daigle, the number 1 evangelical singer on Billboard for 105 weeks!

Evangelical Christian singer Lauren Daigle, 29, has been a huge success, her flagship song "You Say" has been Billboard number 1 for two years. 

Lauren Daigle is a true star of Christian song in the United States.

Its title "You Say" which had been sacred by a Grammy Award in 2019 is at the top of Billboard in the category "Hot Christians songs" since 105 weeks !

The song released in July 2018 evokes dark moments of uncertainty before turning to God.

Lyrics translation:

I keep fighting those voices in my head that pretend I'm not enough for you
Every lie that tells me I'll never live up to it
Am I more than the sum of my ups and downs?
Remind me once again who I am, I need to know

You say I'm loved when I don't feel a thing
You say I'm strong when I think I'm weak
You say I stay the course when I think it's all slipping away
When I don't feel like I belong, you say I'm yours

And I, I believe, oh yes, I believe
What you say about me
I believe him

The only thing that matters now is everything you think about me
In you, I find my value; in you, I find my identity


I take all that I have and now I lay it down at your feet
You own all of my failures, my God, and you gon 'have all of my wins


In early September, the singer spoke on her Instagram account to thank her fans and celebrate her place at the top of the Billboard for 100 weeks.


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When I was a little girl, I would dream of moments like this. Upon hearing the news, I called my family. We laughed. We cried. We made jokes. We celebrated. I am so honored and want to thank all the people involved in achieving this accomplishment. I may sing and write, but there are many people working behind the scenes. My sincere gratitude goes out to them. To be a part of a song that has not only made history but has lived inside the homes of families raising babies, widows needing comfort, teenagers needing a friend, those who have lost and those who have gained, that is a gift never fully put into words. Simply amazed that “You Say” has spent 100 weeks on @ billboard's Hot Christian Songs chart! Thank you ALL !! [link in bio]

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“When I was a little girl, I dreamed of times like this. When I heard the news, I called my family. We laughed. We cried. We joked. We celebrated. I am very honored and I want to thank everyone who made this possible. Maybe it's me who sings and writes, but there are a lot of people working behind the scenes. I am sincerely grateful to them. Take part in the making of a song that not only made history, but is heard in homes where o raises babies, widows in need of comfort, adolescents in need of a friend, those in need of a friend, who lost and those who won, it is a gift that I could never fully express. I'm just so surprised that “You Say” spent 100 weeks on the Billboard's Most Popular Christian Songs chart! Thanks everyone! "


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