Lauren Daigle's message for young Christians: "If you ask God for courage, he will give it to you"

In an interview with the Christian Post, singer Lauren Daigle opened up about her teenage years and encouraged young Christians to place their trust in God. 

Only 30 years old, Lauren Daigle is one of America's most famous Christian artists. She was particularly successful with her album "Look Up Child" released in 2018 and awarded at the Grammy Awards in 2019.

The main track of the album, "You Say" was also at the top of the Billboard in the category "Hot Christians songs" ("The most popular Christian songs" in French Editor's note) for 113 weeks.

Questioned by the Christian post, the evangelical singer looks back on her adolescence and her journey of faith.

The star says that when she was in high school, she prayed to God that he would give her the strength to stand up for bullied students, even if that would push her too to be excluded.

She was saying to the Lord, “My God, I want a daring backbone. Give me the audacity to stand up for those who need to be defended, and that even when my peers persecute me, I can still take a stand ”.

“If you ask God for courage, he will give it to you. It will give you daring, ”she continues.

Referring to the pressures of being a young Christian, Lauren Daigle quotes the Bible, part of Matthew 5 verse 10: "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness."

“This is the verse that always comes to my mind,” says the American singer, even though she knows it can be “difficult”.

The young woman then evokes evangelization, and emphasizes that she is especially concerned with highlighting the loving and compassionate character of the Lord.

"I know that not everyone wants us to talk about God, but I have discovered that people like to hear that God is love, that he is good and that he is patient with us" says the singer who then explains that "whenever people understand that God is gentle," "they let their guard down." “So it's a way of sharing the Gospel. It is a way of speaking of Christ ”.

As an artist, the Christian also uses her gift to transmit "the hope of the world". Asked about her vision for the future of Christian music, Lauren Daigle believes that the Christian music industry can provide an answer to the world in “hopeless times”.

"If we can harness that in our writing, our lyricism, and our melodies, then we'll have a song the world can hang on to," the artist concludes.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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Article originally published in November 2021.

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