The largest Bibles printing press is Chinese with 12 million copies in 2015!

Did you know ? The biggest Bibles printing press is Chinese! The latest statistics from a report published by Amity Printing Company, shows that more than 12 million Bibles were printed in their printing press in China, during the year 2015.

Dince its creation in 1988, the printing press has produced more than 142 million bibles, the majority of which are for export. They are distributed in more than 70 countries and are translated into more than 90 languages, including, Braille and the languages ​​of ethnic minorities.

Located in Nanjing City, Amity Printing was established in 1985, four years after the Pearl project who revealed to the world the lack of Bibles and the persecution of Christians in China.
The Pearl Project had illegally entered 1 million Bibles, by boat in 1981.

Unfortunately, the first Bibles printed in Nanjing were used to find, arrest, and imprison underground church Christians.

The printing activity continued despite everything, until it took off in 2002.


Today, 12 million Bibles are printed each year in Nanjing. Most of the Bibles are exported, but more than 3,5 million are sold in China.


source: China Christian Daily

Statistical Image Credit: Amity Printing Company

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