Do you know David Nolent, the new director of TopChrétien?

David Nolent, accompanied by Carolle Leblond and Emmanuel Schulz, recently took over from the former management team of the TopChristian, made up of Eric Célérier, Stéphan Piauger and Michaël Foucault. We invite you to lift the veil on David's career, who has agreed to devote some of his precious time to us to answer questions from the editorial staff ofInfo Chrétienne.

  • David, thank you for agreeing to answer questions from the editorial staff ofInfo Chrétienne. You were recently appointed director of TopChrétien, but before talking about this can you tell us a little more about your personal and spiritual journey, before you commit to Top?

Oui! The Lord must have sent me to England, to Brighton more precisely, so that I could meet him. It was during an Alpha journey that I first heard that “Jesus Christ was crucified for my sins”. I knew I was a sinner and I believed in a God of love, present somewhere in the universe. But that day, I discovered that God loved me personally and passionately to the point of giving his son for me! What a revelation! And it's not over ! I shouted to everyone around me:

“This is the best news! I must come back to France immediately to tell all the French! ”

What I understood later was that on the day of my conversion, I had also received a missionary call!

This year in England was carried out as part of an ERASMUS student exchange. I was finishing my last year of engineering school, in automatic. Subsequently, my professor suggested that I continue with a thesis (PhD) in industrial computing, which gave me 4 more years of study in Brighton!

  • Brilliant studies and situation. A future all mapped out. When did you receive the conviction to leave all this to invest in the Christian web, which is still in its infancy?

In fact, during these 5 years of study, I grew in my gift of evangelist that all Christians saw in me. I was talking about Jesus every day to lots of people and then one day I said to God:

“Lord, you see all these people who will never have heard of you and who will unfortunately one day go to hell… How to reach more people and more quickly?”

I locked myself in my room for 3 days to pray, and it was there that God gave me the conviction that with the Internet, we could accelerate the process of evangelization. In 1998, I then started to learn the language of the Internet (HTML), and to make a lot of various and varied websites, including one with a prayer at the end and a form to ask a question. It already looked a lot like the site that the Top team launched in 2005!

Making websites to reach people had then become my dream and my passion.
Making websites to reach people had then become my dream and my passion. It still remained to be seen what to do with it at the end of my 5 years in England! I worked for more than a year in Brighton, then I came back to France. In December 2002, I was praying on a train in the Paris region when, all of a sudden, I had a revelation. Two words have permeated my mind: “Missionary” and “Internet”! The next day, I go to a wedding and I meet for the first time Eric Célérier, the founder of TopChrétien, who tells me that his vision is to build a team of “missionaries on the Internet”… Exactly the same words received the day before! This is how I started working with Eric, as the first Top missionary!

  • What functions did you perform all these years? What were your missions?

They were numerous but the main ones were the development of the site in 23 languages, including Arabic and Hebrew, as well as the development of the DVD "Hope", which tells the story of the Bible in 80 minutes. .

  • What is the Top achievement or project that you are personally most proud of?

I would say who, with his 23 languages, has led more than 10 million people to trust in Jesus for their salvation. I like to watch the page that shows the city of origin of these people. And this led to the creation of a network called today with more than 60 partners around the world!

  • This summer, Eric Célérier, Stéphan Piauger and Michael Foucault, have given way to a new management trio, you, Carolle Leblond and Emmanuel Schulz. How did the passing of the torch go?

The passing of the torch took place in joy, good humor and creativity!

The passing of the torch took place in joy, good humor and creativity! People from the team secretly organized a surprise handover for us where Eric, Stef and Michael were dressed as kings and where Carolle, Manu and I were disguised as knights in the making. They thus knighted us with swords by speaking words of blessing on our lives. It was so funny especially that our accountant, passing through that day, attended, dumbfounded, the whole ceremony!

Otherwise I would like to say how much I appreciate Eric, Stef and Michael, and how grateful I am to them for everything they have done for the Top during all these years! They left us with a healthy team and mission. As they say, their ceiling is our floor and therefore we have no excuse not to succeed!

That said, they are still well involved at the Top level, as they develop many new innovative missions, such as ou They trained us for 3 years but continue to coach us, because we still have a lot to learn from their immense experiences.

  • You are married and the father of 2 beautiful little girls. How do you reconcile family life, church life and your work at TopChrétien?


Since I have been a director, the question that comes up often is:

“It's going to be hard to have time for your family!”

People have the image of the director or the CEO who comes home every night at 22 p.m., and who sacrifices his family for his work and his function. I would say that to avoid this I try to do 2 things:

First, to know my priorities and to put them in the order wanted by God.

  1. My relationship with God.
  2. My relationship with my wife.
  3. My relationship with my children.
  4. The rest (Ministry, local church, friends, hobbies, etc.).

Of course, I have more responsibilities and more work than before and I give myself completely! But it will never be to the detriment of my relationship with God or my family!

The second thing to do is delegation. A manager (or pastor) who kills himself at work is often someone who is so afraid that others will do less well than he or she prefers to control everything to the point of exhaustion. For me, a Christian mission, just like a church, must function as a body: each in its place with the rhythm, vision and wisdom given by the Holy Spirit to establish the kingdom of Jesus on earth.

  • I imagine you have dreams and projects in your head for the Top. Can you tell us about some of them?

My dream is that we can have a very big impact in Francophonie.

Yes. My dream is that we can have a very big impact in Francophonie. We want to do this by trying to meet the needs of one person at a time, which is a huge challenge! Having a great impact can only be achieved by uniting with partners who are specialists in their field, as is the case today with (for the info), (for leadership) or (for youth).

Other launches are underway as a Christian music site. Also, a large-scale project is being carried out by our team to encourage Christians to come out of the 4 walls of their churches and go and love their neighbors in concrete actions.

I am also keen to develop videos of about a minute to encourage people in their daily lives. Short videos have been a major trend in recent years on youtube, and we need to take inspiration from them.

I am also keen to bring new authors from other horizons to the Top, such as John Piper, Francis Chan, David Platt, Tim Keller whom I love to read. They will provide additional wealth for the Top and our Internet users.

  • You will soon be releasing a book called “Amazed by the Love of God!”. Can you tell us more ?

Understanding the love and grace of God

Yes, it is a 30 day journey to help people better understand the love and grace of God. Many Christians live in awe and condemnation, as through what Jesus did, his death, his resurrection and his ascension, we are blessed with favor, authority and inheritance. from the Father.

This is what I propose to develop in this book which is a kind of biblical popularization. I explain complicated truths with illustrations, explanations, testimonies and practical applications. Exactly, my book is on pre-order at the moment (Editor's note: on the page

Thank you David for answering all of our questions sincerely. May the Lord accompany you in each of your projects.


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