Kirk Franklin denounces the tele-evangelist who wanted to be offered by the Christians, a jet to 56 million dollars

It may not have escaped your notice that an American tele-evangelist recently appealed to the generosity of Christians, to afford a new jet at 56 million dollars ...

Car according to Jesse Duplantis, if Jesus were physically on earth today, "he would not ride a donkey", but "would be on a plane preaching the Gospel to the whole world" ... Starting from this "conclusion", the " tele-evangelist ”quickly deduced from this that he needed a new draft. His call resounded across the planet and was denounced by many ministries. We invite you to discover today the positioning of the singer Kirk Franklin, who did not hesitate to speak of abuse of power, directly on his Instagram account, calling on the Church to take a stand in the face of these lies.

“This is Jessie Duplantis. A tele-evangelist who has four planes, and who now tells us that "Jesus" wants us to buy him another one. I'm posting this because as we see popular culture resisting societal injustices, I believe the Church should be doing the same within it. "

He does not hesitate to denounce more widely the abuses of certain preachers.

“We should take the lead when there is an abuse of power that affects our message. Our silence can be as strong as the fanaticism and racism we see in the public square. Many of these “ministries” have built their wealth on the backs of poor rural minorities, who have placed their trust in the hands of “shepherds of God,” and who have only seen prosperity benefit those who preach. Again, there are GREAT Christian leaders, and it has NOTHING to do with a plane… ”


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