Kirill I and Franklin Graham: together to denounce the persecution of Christians

Great world first: the Russian Orthodox Church and the Evangelical Association of Billy Graham organize in October 2016 in Moscow a convention to support and defend persecuted Christians.

Che two emblematic Christian figures seemed a hundred places away from working together. But faced with the unprecedented increase in the mistreatment of Christians in dozens of countries around the world, they have decided to take great measures. This world summit will obviously be the start of a great collaboration.

This event will bring together delegates from more than 150 countries including Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Times of prayer, intercession, and times of exchange and reflection are planned in order to set up projects to improve the condition of the 150 to 200 million Christians who suffer because of their faith in different regions. of the world.

Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, now aged 97, recalls the very recent history of Russian Orthodox Christians, hunted, mistreated and imprisoned by the Communist regime. He had met Patriarch Kirill in Moscow in December 2015, to discuss the situation of Eastern Christians.

“In the years under Communist rule virtually all priests, pastors and church leaders in Russia were imprisoned or executed by Communists and their graves all over the country remind us of this. "

Orthodox Christians are still victims of violence today in Egypt, Syria and in several countries of the Middle East.

This summit marks the collaboration between two Christian groups which had never been on good terms until now.

"Islamic extremism continues to be the main driving force behind the expansion of the persecution" had exposed David Curry, President of the NGO Open doors to USA.

“It is not just a Christian question, but a global problem before us. The United States, as the main power in the free world, must be a leader in helping those who are suffering. "

Patriarch Kirill 1er had already made the headlines at the beginning of the year when he had met Pope Francis, in Cuba.

In the face of persecution, the time has come for dialogue and support among Christians.

Elisabeth dugas

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