"Killing God kills": A column by Virginie Tellenne in response to the front page of Charlie Hebdo

On January 7, 2015, the biggest names in libertarian mockery and mockery of priests were abjectly murdered by religiously altered Daesh patients. An attack that no Satan can justify, except to perpetrate it himself. This bloodthirsty act, which took Cabu, Charb, Wolinski and their companions of drawings, is the supreme blasphemy: to kill in the name of God.

Peace to their souls on this day.

Cit should have appeased the survivors who became new French heroes through their “atheist martyrs”. But no, the day after the massacre, the spirit Charlie, survivor of the drama but not of fundamentalist atheism, has again manifested itself, behind the legitimate emotion of the country, under another blasphemy: the caricature of the sacred.

In the light of Charlie a year ago, the prophet was drawn crushed with too Christian forgiveness. With the slogan "Je suis Charlie" in the hands which fulfilled the sacrilege of the Invisible, this mockery humiliated 5 million Muslims, sincerely eager to participate in the mourning of the nation. Absent from the national demonstration, they suffered in silence from the thunderous sale of these 5 million Charlie, like so many injunctions to apostatize. And who only succeeded in confirming them in their faith and their community.

One year and 150 victims later, of all religions, Charlie is still a militant atheist. But this time not reckless, anti-religious irreverence spares Allah and falls back on a cacochymous and slaughtering god, who, like Santa Claus is a bloody junk, "always runs" a kalach slung over his shoulder. Let us rejoice, mocked believers, Judeo-Christian ridicule will kill less.

Under the pretext of being free of expression, derision degrades in the same fatal gesture the executioner and his victims: it stutters in front of religious freedom, tramples on Christian secularism and forgets the Une-homage to his comrades who died in the field of honor of obscurantism. Even the death plate is missed! Above all, we discover the terrible truth. How can God be a murderer even though he does not exist?

Faced with crisis and death - caused by the same dereliction of the soul - the rebels to God have the solution: to continue to laugh free and to wipe their feet on the sacred universal, in the name of the rights of the Man. But in the land of the eldest daughter of the Church, killing God leads nowhere, except society to nothingness and humanity to its destruction. Because God is our innermost, the incessant attacks against Him make a murderer. Killing God kills man and slaughters his rights. Laughing at God divides an already polyfragmented society.

Is this "national unity"?

Laugh with God Save

If there is indeed a spiritual being, whom we want in our deep company, it is God. God is humor, this sweet mixture of humility and love. Yes, God brings us out of our grim isolation, he lifts us up towards what is beyond us, like a good giggle comes out of us to connect us to all those who communicate in the same happy hilarity; that of the well-being of joy. Because humor, true humor, never defiles: neither friendship, nor love, nor the bond between citizens. Humor rejuvenates the soul.

On December 4, 2015, Laurent Violet, champion of black humor and true love, died. He was 50 years old. He was insolent: the proof, he had been fired from France Inter. He said he didn't believe, but he never made fun of those who laughed with God. Better yet, he laughed with them.

So we too laugh, and live, our life is so short. With a little humility and a lot of love, let's make it beautiful. Humanity is already too wounded for it to be allowed to accept this war of fundamentalisms through derision, narcissism and wickedness. It is through respect for all, and our conscience awakened to the Human, that we will win peace. That of the brave.

Our France deserves it.

Virginie TellenneFrigide Barjot 

source:  The conversationalist

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