Kenya: “Muslims are sincerely looking for Jesus”

In Kenya, the majority of the population is Christian. But in areas with a Muslim majority, Christians are discriminated against and persecuted. A former Muslim turned to Jesus: now he is distributing Bibles.

Ct is a bit like the butterfly effect experienced by the one we will call here Michael. He is Muslim and lives in Kenya in the Kilifi region. There, the Biblica organization is involved in the distribution of Bibles. Michael seeks to know the truth. When given this bible, he turns to Jesus, goes to meetings, and develops a passion for distributing Bibles.
Lydia Munene, Executive Director of Biblica for Africa, testifies:

“He has a passion: to distribute Bibles to Muslims so that they know the word of God, the real Jesus. […] He leads Bible study groups to which he invites his friends. They share the word of God […], he leads them to the Lord. ”

In this region dominated by Muslims, Michael testifies at the risk of his life. He is full of zeal for the gospel but comes up against his limits: he has no Bibles to offer. This is how Biblica offered to provide him with Bibles.

“Michael was so happy to know that we had Bibles to support his evangelistic mission. […] We are already told that several people have turned to Jesus through the work of Michael. ”

According to Lydia Munene, the hope of the church is growing in Kenya:

“Muslims are sincerely looking for Jesus.”


source: MNN Online

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