Kendji Girac performs an evangelical hymn behind the scenes of The Voice

Kendji Girac, winner of the third season of The Voice, performs an evangelical hymn in Spanish during his last visit to the set of The Voice. The production of TF1 having asked him to interpret a song of his choice, the young artist did not hesitate to offer them this song to the glory of Jesus and His Word.

It is thus in these terms that he introduces his performance "I am going to sing you a little song which is close to my heart of course, and I have great pleasure in singing it to you because it is an evangelical hymn".

It is therefore with all his heart that he sings "There are words that lead you directly to the fall, and there are words that change the moments of your life ...". At the end of his performance, Kendji closes his eyes for a few moments before whispering "Glory to God", and exclaiming "viva El Senor" (long live the Lord!). [If the screen below is black please wait, thank you.]

This is not the first time that the young man has performed a hymn in front of the cameras; he had already sung a song of praise to God on the set of Patrick Sébastien's show, The happy years. The words of the song chosen that day are deep and powerful: "The first fruits are for my God for all His blessings / The first smile of the day is for my Christ / The first kisses in the morning are for His hands" and the young man man, carried away by praise slips a "Hallelujah!" Right in the middle of the song. Still among the hymns performed by the laureate of The Voice, his improvisation on Hevenu Shalom Alekhem - a famous Hebrew song also sung in Christian churches - on the bus from The Voice Tour, has also gone viral on social media.

Let us remember that Kendji, coming from a community with a permanent evangelical mission, attaches great importance to religion and the Word of God. In his free time, when he is not on stage, the 18-year-old artist reads the Bible. It is also with her that he learned to read, as he confides.

“There are a lot of scary prophecies, but you have to be afraid of God. Besides, everything we see in today's world, money, pride, your friends who have become your enemies, everything is written in the Bible ”he confided to the newspaper. Libération.

He also admits that today's world scares him. Beyond her talent and her exceptional voice, it is her simplicity and humility that touch the hearts of her fans. Often criticized for having one foot in the world and one foot in religion, Kendji could yet be one of those instruments that impact society. As Paul would say, “What does it matter? Either way, whether for the wrong reasons, whether sincerely, Christ is announced. I rejoice over it and I will rejoice over it again »Philippians 1-18

Anne-Muriel Rahaingonjatovo

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