Suicidal Star Kel Mitchell Finds Peace In Jesus Christ

A descent into hell

For a long time in the limelight, the abrupt end of his television career had led him into a deep depression and into drugs. Following his "disappearance" from the small screen, rumors of his death began to circulate.

In his testimony, the 37-year-old star claims that even though he was still alive, his daily life had turned into hell.

“I've been through so many ups and downs in my life,” he writes, “suicide, divorce, drug and alcohol use, stuck in sin, loss of loved ones to gang violence, debts, suffering, pain, pride, lust, heartbreak ... Feeling LOST and searching for answers, I saw, I felt, I let myself go to all kinds of sins, and I hurt others . "

 Back to "the" source

The grandson of a pastor, Kel Mitchell confides that to alleviate his pain, he decides to return to the real source of comfort he had known as a child.

“I tried to get out on my own. But what I needed was to turn to Him, ”says the actor:“ as soon as I found light in Christ, I knew everything was going to be resolved ”.

The star says he has found “peace” in his life thanks to the relationship he has forged with God, his two children, and his wife. It is therefore in these terms that he encourages the readers of his testimony.

“Leave your past behind, be a new creation in Christ! I did, and now my life is BEAUTIFUL, my eyes opened. "

The actor is currently pursuing his career at Nickelodeon, and stars in the new series "Game Shakers". He also performs on stage as a comedian and motivational speaker.

The most beautiful of invitations

To conclude his testimony, the actor thus addresses the readers "If you are ready to admit that you need to reset the counters to zero in your life, the God of the second chance is waiting only to grant it to you. ". Then he gives them some recommendations so they can stand firm in their walk with Christ: get baptized, tell someone about their new journey in faith, spend time with God in prayer and reading the Word. , have fellowship time with other brothers and sisters in Christ, and attend church.

Kel Mitchell opened his heart to readers and reveals to them the secret which allows him today to say:

"I am young, too good, and SAVED".

Anne-Muriel Rahaingonjatovo


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