Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Kayne West… have they become fans of Jesus?

Nous savons that Justin Bieber has been a fan of Jesus for years, his mom having raised him in the Christian faith. In the middle of a teenage life, sometimes tumultuous and chaotic, between delinquency, wanton, deliquescence, drugs and other depravities, Justin Bieber however gave the evidence of real faith, An personal relationship with God and a certain desire to live like jesus. Who has not had ups and downs in their life of faith?

Sfeeling invested with divine mission to testify of Jesus to his fans, Justin Bieber has sometimes gone so far as to stop a concert in the middle for a moment of prayer or an evangelistic meeting. Chances are, her wish to share Jesus went beyond her fans. This is what one might wonder after the recent statements of his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. She even went so far as to lead worship at Hillsong Church and was very proud of it posting this image on Instagram and commenting:

“This is my first time leading worship. I sang the first song of praise that I composed myself. I am so grateful for His grace and understanding. "

Yes, you noticed, she is not overdressed on her profile picture, hence the thanksgiving for the understanding, perhaps… Let’s not judge, everyone is going at their own pace.

The one who really surprised us is Kayne West!

In June 2015, when we published the photos of North's christening, the daughter of Kayne West and Kim Kardashian, we had suffered a kind of social stoning on Facebook. Which was understandable considering the fact that Kim spent her time naked on Twitter and that Kayne had just replaced the word God with her first name in the Bible ...

His recent encounters with Kirk Franklin, who is known to be a genuine Christian, and the title of his album "The Life of Paul" left us in doubt.  Kayne West would pay homage to the apostle Paul or does he take himself for the apostle Paul after having taken himself for God and Jesus?

Justin Bieber who used to share your faith on social networks, shared a photo of him praying with Kayne West over the past few days! Wow, that ain't nothing anyway. Would Justin Bieber continue his mission to share Jesus around him?

Uncle puff and Yeezy giving thanks to Jesus

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

We wouldn't have bothered to write these few lines if Kayne West hadn't just revealed his new title “Ultralight prayer”, in which he speaks very explicitly about God!

Father, this prayer is for anyone who does not feel up to the task. This prayer is for anyone who feels confused. For those who feel like they've said "I'm sorry" too often.

Looks good, continues Justin! 😉


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