"You just have to give everything": At the request of God, a reality TV star offers all her possessions to her followers

Actress and influencer Khafi Ekpata announced on Instagram to donate all her possessions on the occasion of her birthday.

Khafi Ekpata is a British actress and influencer. Yesterday, on the occasion of her birthday, this reality TV star surprised her community on Instagram. “Stop scrolling! "She launched to her 1,4 million subscribers," it will be my birthday tomorrow and I will give away all my goods.

“First come, first served”, continues the influencer, inviting all Londoners to send her a message and then come and get whatever they want for free, whether it's clothes, makeup, books or anything else. more of his furniture. Everything is to be taken, "except my little baby", she specifies!

Khafi Ekpata explains that it was in her shower, as she was thanking God, that she heard him say to her, "you just have to give everything".

"I was just taking a shower thinking, what should I do for my birthday?" Normally, I don't celebrate my birthday that much. I kinda like to thank God for the year, and I have a quiet reflection. But, I just heard it very clearly, you just have to give your all. "

She knows this is a turning point in her life and trusts God for this new chapter.

“I feel like God is just making room for the new in my life. I have acquired all these things over the years and by the grace of God he provided them to me and gave them to me, but I feel like God is going to do something new in my life and I am really excited. "

Khafi Ekpata also shared on her network a text that she wrote at the age of 13 and in which she wonders what kind of person she will be in 10 years. And little Khafi hoped to be "generous".

“My family and friends would hopefully see me as a generous person because right now I'm pretty stingy. "

Yesterday, it was with great joy that Khafi Ekpata was able to say, "It is the first anniversary since a time when I have been so HAPPY".

"I used to mope on my birthday because it always reminded me of what I hadn't accomplished, what I hadn't done, but it's the first birthday since a while I am so HAPPY. I don't look at what I don't have but what I do and I thank today on my birthday and I will do it forever. God is good !!!! "


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