Joyce Meyer challenges us: the revolution of love!

1) What's special about the new site ?

he qualifier that emerges most often - when we talk about Joyce Meyer - is that of " concrete ". The new site therefore encourages Internet users to take action in their everyday lives.

Sa vision about to is presented in a short animated video that highlights several key stages that a Christian goes through, starting with repentance, to bring him to maturity. This maturity flows naturally from the desire to love and serve one's neighbor.

2) Does Joyce Meyer demonstrate this on a daily basis?

Thanks to its humanitarian branch 'Hand-of-Hope', Joyce Meyer wants to show her love in a very concrete way, by getting involved in many projects, all over the world. The new site presents several of these projects and the partners that Hand-of-Hope supports.

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3) How do you get people involved?

Of the hundred or so books edited, Joyce Meyer wrote the bestseller titled 'The Revolution of Love'.

The best way to show our faith is to show love
In this book, she says that the best way to demonstrate our faith is to show love, in a concrete way, every day, in our personal environment.

In this sense, it is a 'revolution', as the life of Jesus beautifully showed. Through the new section "Revolution of Love" Joyce Meyer wishes to launch a " challenge To each Christian and encourage him / her to encourage people around him / her.

Whether these people are suffering morally or physically, whether they need a little encouragement or more support, they need to see God's love in a concrete way in their lives.

By registering for the 'Revolution of Love' challenge, you will regularly receive a challenge to take up, alone or in a group.

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