Joyce Meyer: my father raped me more than 200 times

This world-famous Christian lecturer reveals that she was not sexually abused by her father, but raped hundreds of times.

DIn an interview published on her website, Joyce Meyer specifies that some of her father's behaviors are so rude that she prefers not to talk about it. She just wants to give her testimony so that she can help other rape victims, and give them hope that healing and restoration is possible with God's help.

“He didn't physically force me, but through lies, manipulation, fear and threats, I was still being forced. My father really raped me many times, at least 200 times ”

She explains that she was not safe anywhere, because her father took advantage of every opportunity. She was still living in fear of what could happen to her. He even wanted her to bring him some girls from school, which she managed to avoid on the pretext that he had abused their little neighbor.

Joyce was terribly ashamed of her parents, and she was so frightened that she dared not talk to anyone about it. Moreover, sexual abuse is so shameful that nobody talks about it. She felt terribly humiliated.

She lived in an atmosphere of hyper control on the part of her father. She could not do any activities after school, or even buy a graduation dress.

She was forced to play a role, because he forced her to watch pornographic videos, in order to know how she felt about the images.

“I had to pretend I liked what I hated. It was one of the worst things I have ever experienced. My father, whom I should have trusted and who should have protected me, raped me at least once a week until I was 18. "

Joyce thanks God today for allowing her to be herself.

"How can I stand before you today after all that I have suffered?"
Because God is alive!
I want people to know how good God is!
And that your struggle and your stay on earth are worth it!
Do not abandon ! "

The site of Joyce Meyer in French:

Elisabeth dugas

Source: ChristianPost

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