Journalist Christine Kelly testifies to the power of God in her life

Invited with the editorial director of the magazine Mission, Samuel Pruvot, by Pastor Ivan Carluer to the MLK church in Créteil, the host of "Face à l'info", Christine Kelly, gave a moving testimony of faith . 

On the occasion of the release of a special presidential issue of the magazine Mission, Pastor Ivan Carluer of the MLK church in Créteil interviewed Samuel Pruvot, editorial director of Mission and Christine Kelly, television host on the CNews channel to talk about the candidates for the presidential election and above all… about Jesus.

"This is the first time I will be able to vote in an election knowing what the candidates think of Jesus," said Pastor Ivan Carluer.

Indeed, it is a rather novel and resolutely missionary approach undertaken by the editorial staff of the magazine Mission. For this special election special issue, the journal's journalists took up their pilgrim's staff and went to ask the candidates a "simple and fundamental question", in the words of Samuel Pruvot:

“Who do you think Jesus of Nazareth is? »

Of the twelve candidates in the election, nine answered this question, which was original to say the least.

The power of God

Alongside Samuel Pruvot was invited the famous journalist Christine Kelly who has hosted since 2019 "Face à l'info", the flagship program of the CNews television channel with record audiences.

From the first sentences she exchanges with Ivan Carluer the tone is set. "I did not come out of kindness, I came to witness to the power of God," says the journalist in her soft voice to the applause of the room.

An extremely strong testimony of faith follows. Christine Kelly confides in this day of September 27, 2019 where she received the call that changed her life. This is the day when she was asked to do a show with Eric Zemmour, who was at that time, in his own words, "the most hated man in France".

Kneel before the father

She says she knelt down to pray to God. "I said to God, I don't know why you send me here, I don't need anything, I'm not looking for notoriety. I'm not looking to be seen."

“From September 27 to October 14 I prayed, I bowed down and said here I am, send me”, continues the presenter not without emotion.

She then describes a dark period, "a dark tunnel" during which she saw her friends turn their backs on her. Yet she chose to trust the Lord, to rely entirely on Him.

She reports that from the very first broadcast, protesters stood outside the studios. That day, Christine Kelly found herself on her knees in the bathroom to talk to God. "I don't know where I'm going but You'll manage," she told him, repeating Psalm 23 in her heart.

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me rest in green pastures. He directs me near still waters. He restores my soul…”

And so it is that every day, on every show, Christine Kelly prayed on her knees in the toilets and sometimes even in the studio, keeping these Psalms in mind. Not only does she claim to have found peace, but above all she tells of having learned to let go completely, to put everything back in the hands of the Lord.

“I've let God drive everything against all odds, against all odds. I told him if you send me there it's because you have a mission, I don't know which one but you'll manage yourself. »

faith in action

This faith that she has pegged to the body shines through on the screen as evidenced by many echoes, which makes the CNews journalist say that if this is the case, her mission "is accomplished".

A moving testimony which shows, as Ivan Carluer points out in conclusion, that when we rely on God we can impact and completely transform a hostile environment.

Camille Westphal Perrier 

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