Joni Eareckson Tada: “Just imagine if you are quadriplegic like me”, in Mariupol

“It's not like you can jump out of bed, grab a few things, rush out the front door, rush to the border. You can not do this. »

Joni Eareckson Tada, became a quadriplegic at the age of 17 after diving in shallow water, became involved in helping people with disabilities, "stuck in buildings" in Ukraine.

She explains their situation to CBN Prayer Link.

“Just imagine if you are a quadriplegic like me. I can't use my hands. I'm in a wheelchair and if you were on the seventh floor of a building and you were in Mariupol being bombed and there was rocket fire, it's not like you could jump from the bed, grab some stuff, rush to the front door, rush to the border. You can not do this. And so a lot of these people with disabilities are stuck in buildings, apartments. Many of them are in basements. »

With one of its partners, Galina, Joni Tada's organization went there and allowed 300 people with disabilities and caregivers to leave the country.

"Galina and our teams went in search of these people, even in the most dangerous regions of eastern Ukraine, to rescue them and bring them across the border, to shelter them not only in Poland , but also in Germany and the Netherlands. And we have evacuated over 300 people with disabilities to date and caregivers and we are still active. »

She calls to pray for those who help them.

“These people are exhausted, in shock, but they still practice Christianity with their sleeves rolled up. And so please pray for Galina and her network of friends who are making valiant efforts and very brave efforts to go to the most dangerous places and find these disabled people and bring them to safety. »


Picture : Joni and Friends

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