When Jon Bon Jovi reinvents catering: Hope is delicious!

Jon Bon Jovi, the famous frontman of 80s rock band Bon Jovi, has created an exceptional community restaurant concept.

Soul Kitchen - Hope is delicious
Cuisine of the Soul - Hope is Delicious

The principle is simple:

QFour evenings a week and Sunday lunchtime in Red Bank, New Jersey, volunteers cook a meal and set the table for you. The menu consists of a starter, a main course and a dessert. Everything is homemade, with healthy and organic local products. Everyone is welcome. Neighbors, young people, old people, families.

The average cost of the meal is 10 euros, but everyone pays what they can. There is no price on the menu. The one who pays more helps to contribute to another's bill, and the one who cannot pay gives an hour of volunteering, serving or cooking.

We are committed to treating all of our customers with dignity and respect, while uniting communities and forming healthy, lasting relationships through food.

The community restaurant has summed up its vision in a manifesto.

  • Everyone is welcome to eat!
  • Happy are the hands that nourish.
  • When there is love, there is a lot.
  • Good company whets the appetite.
  • Friendship is our daily life.
  • End your meal with a slice of happiness.

Because at the Soul Kitchen restaurant, we don't just come to have a good meal. We also come to meet people, talk and share good times with our table neighbors, whatever their background.

Discover the story of Soul Kitchen, told by Jon Bon Jovi (VO).


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