John Kerry finally acknowledges the genocide committed against Christians in Iraq and Syria

uring a press conference at the State Department in Washington, Thursday, March 17, 2016, the US Secretary of State qualified as “genocide” the atrocities committed against religious minorities in Iraq and Syria.

“My words today confirm my first judgment, the Islamic State is responsible for genocide in certain areas, against the Yazidis, Christians and Shiite Muslims. ISIS itself claims that it is committing genocides, through its ideology and its actions. "

This is the first time that the United States has officially recognized a genocide since that of Darfur in 2004.

The statement came just a week after the Catholic organization Knights of Columbus, which has more than 2 million members, published a dossier of nearly 280 pages, providing legal proof of the existence of genocide, and calling on the head of US diplomacy to officially qualify as genocide the atrocities committed by the Islamic State against Christians in the East.

John Kerry also said during his remarks:

"It is important to put a name on these crimes, but the main thing is to stop them."


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