"Jim: The James Foley Story", his martyr, his life and his faith as told by those close to him

James Foley, famous American photojournalist, was kidnapped by Daesh in 2012. His atrocious execution 2 years later, in an orange jumpsuit in the middle of the desert, filmed and broadcast by his torturers, had revealed to the world the abominable extremist ideology.

Dyears “Jim: The James Foley Story”, his best friend tells his life story, through the intimate testimonies of his family, colleagues, friends, and former hostages. According to HBO, “A chronicle of torment, courage, compassion and pain at the dawn of America's war against Daesh. "

With a degree in history from Jesuit University in Milwaukee, he nurtured a solid faith there.

After being hostage in Libya, he freely testifies to his faith, as a way to survive. He says that after several days in a cell, he hears beatings against his wall. He sticks his ear to it and hears the voice of an American hostage who reads him a passage from the Gospel of Matthew, and offers to pray with him.

“I will pray to stay strong. I will pray to soften the hearts of our captors. I will pray to God to lift the burdens we could not bear. And I will pray that our moms will know that we are okay. "

On his return from captivity, he recalls the fundamental role of prayer:

“Prayer allowed my freedom, an inner freedom first and later the miracle of liberation, during a war in which the regime had no real will to liberate us. It didn't make sense. But faith did. "

His colleagues bear witness to him of a man full of compassion, love, as much humanitarian as a photojournalist.

His painful experience in Libya had not stopped his passion for others. In 2012, he went to Syria. It was in Syria that 2 years later, his public beheading made him a martyr.

Former hostages confirm his life of prayer. James Foley continues to pray among Muslims:

“I prayed with them 5 times a day. It was so powerful and it was something I had to do. […] I just know that I was truly with them and that I was truly praying to Jesus. "


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